she looked good last night

Freaks and Geeks (1999)

Una carnita asada. Ahí por si tienes dudas de qué bonito es México. 
I have mentioned this before, but “carne asada” in Mexico means more than just the type of meat youll put in your tortilla. Carne Asada is a revered social gathering, where friends or family come together, eat and yes.. drink of course. Actually, In some parts of the country (Northern Mexico) Carne Asada, is almost like a religion, people will sometimes ditch the “club” plans on a saturday night in order to attend a ‘carne asada’ with their friends (some will eat, pregame then head to the clubs too). Believe me, stuffing your face with food, with close friends to share and copious amounts of booze, is ten times better than to see that bouncers face. 

contemporary art 

Kobe Bryant and Jerry West — Los Angeles Lakers

You’re A Hazard, Harry

When you coolin with squad & you hear your boy tell a story you know a lie